Psalms 51:10;

I have a deep love for my Savior. CA living. I find joy in adventures, the outdoors, making people smile, anything crafty and music.

"The great hindrance in spiritual life is that we will look for big things to do. ‘Jesus took a towel…and began to wash the disciples feet.’"
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The Lord has called us to serve

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I really don’t like ranting on here, however I will make an exception this time.
I am honestly pretty fed up with all the fakeness I see on social media. It’s really upsetting how people are acting one way online when in reality, they aren’t like that. People try so hard to portray themselves as someone they aren’t in order to what? Impress other people? Please no more of this. Just be you. If you want to share a post or picture of something you like then great! Do that! But please don’t post about “pretty things” in order to get a bunch of likes or to be all “trendy” and “unique” on Instagram. I don’t want to see about your antique plate you just purchased or coffee you have in a cute mug. I do wanna see pictures of you laughing, enjoying life with the ones you love. Or rather, for a while just try putting your phone down. The world doesn’t need to know everything you do every day in order to make it special. Be You. God made you as you are. You are fearfully and wonderfully made. No need to impress others. The only approval you need is from The Lord. His love and attention is sufficient.

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#sorry about the rant  #I had to let it out  #I say this with love  #not trying to offend anyone 
Instagram/ Tumblr Photo Challenge 
Día número siete: Something New
I just did my nails & I love my giant hat

Instagram/ Tumblr Photo Challenge
Día número siete: Something New
I just did my nails & I love my giant hat

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Soo we finally received our awesome Wedding Video and we decided to share it with all our tumblr friends, many of whom I wish could’ve made it to our wedding.Ahhh!

We were so blessed by our videographer girls who came all the way from California to shoot our wedding when we were almost not even going to have a videographer, and the crazy girls didn’t get any sleep along with me the night before our wedding, and yet they completely rocked our Wedding Day and the video. Gah. God provided in incredible ways for our Wedding Day, in every single area, and we are so in awe of Him and the honour of seeing Him at work. He is so good. So good. 

Well friends, enjoy! 

So beautiful!

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in elementary school i hit this kid cause he said i cant punch and i broke his nose and then my stepdad picked me up and the office was like “you have to say sorry” but then the kid was like “but she proved me wrong, she doesn’t have to say sorry” ladies and gentlemen my best friend of many many years

this is violently beautiful

Marry him.

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